Keep Blount Beautiful introduces new Reusable Bag Program

By Brittney Whipple

In order to limit plastic bag waste and the over accumulation of reusable bags, Keep Blount Beautiful (KBB) is starting a new Reusable Bag Program. Thank you to everyone who dropped off their unwanted reusable bags to KBB at the Earth Day Recycling collection on April 27th so that this program could get started!

Reusable bags seem to be one of the biggest eco-trends today. They seem like a good way to reduce waste caused by tons of disposable plastic bags, however so many of these bags are being produced and handed out or sold that they are becoming disposable themselves! Even worse, they are not recyclable. The Reusable Bag Program will give Blount County residents the opportunity to divert excess reusable bags from the landfill by allowing others to continue using the bag so they do not have to buy new.

To participate in the Reusable Bag Program, simply drop off your excess reusable bags at the Keep Blount Beautiful office. If you are in need of reusable bags in order to stop using plastic disposable bags, you can stop by the office to pick some up or visit our table at special events. Feel free to contact the office ahead of time for availability.