3 Interesting Facts about Solar Energy that You Didn't Already Know

By Rachel Grubbe

What's the deal with solar energy? Let me shine a little light on the subject. Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy. There are various was to harness solar power, so we can use it to provide power to our homes, cars, and work places. 

Solar Energy is the Cleanest form of Energy

Unlike fossil fuels harvesting and using solar energy does not create pollution. Harvesting fossil fuels really takes a toll on our planet; damaging wildlife habitats, polluting the water and the air, and increases the rate of global warming.  Solar energy is gathered from the sun’s rays, not from mining or drilling. And solar energy does not need to be burned to create energy, so there is no pollution being emitted to the air.

There are Multiple Ways to Harness Solar Energy

The ever changing world of technology has given us some amazingly cool ways to use the sun's energy.

·       Solar Thermal Energy is the collection of energy from the sun’s heat. Thermal technology can be used to heat or cool buildings.

·       Photovoltaic Cells allow sunlight to be directly converted into power; Electric road signs often use this technology. A solar panel is position on top of or near the sign to prove immediate power to the electric road sign.

·       Passive Solar Energy is the direct use of the sun’s energy for warmth. During the winter, drawing the curtains back allows the sun to provide passive solar energy while you are away at work. It is a great way to save on heating cost.

The Largest Solar Park in the World is being built in Pavagada, India

            The current largest solar park in the world is located in California, the solar park being constructed in Pavagada is expected to be 14 times larger! The new solar park could bring clean energy to the millions of people who lack power in India. Currently India’s major source of power comes from coal. 58% coal, 10% wind and only 5% solar. India intends to have 100 gigawatts of solar capacity by the year 2022.

Solar energy is arguably the best way to power homes and businesses. There is an endless source of solar energy, and it does not cause harm to the earth to harvest it. So, why do we use anything else?