5 Easy Ways to Conserve Energy this Winter

By Rachel Grubbe

Now that the temperature is dropping, it is time think about how you can be more sustainable this winter. It takes a lot of energy to heat your home during the winter months. TVA reports a spike in energy usage every year starting in December. There are plenty of ways to conserve energy and save money on your electric bill this season!

Open the curtains during the day

The sun will heat your home while you are away during the day. Take advantage of the free passive solar energy! On a sunny day this can really make a big difference. Just be sure your windows don’t let cold air in.


Put on some extra layers

Feeling chilly at home? Before you turn the heat up think about what you are wearing. Trade the t-shirt for a sweater and see how much warmer you feel. Bundling up will save you from turning up the heat a few extra degrees.

Turn down the heat when you are away

If you aren't home, why crank the heat? But be careful, constant cooling and reheating will actually raise your electric bill. It’s best to change the thermostat no more than 8 degrees at a time.

Use an energy efficient space heater

If you spend a lot of time in one room, try heating that room with a space heater instead of heating the whole house. You can keep your thermostat at a lower temperature and still be perfectly warm.

Seal up your windows

You won't be opening your windows in the winter, so you can just seal them for insulation. Many homes have windows that leak cold air. If you haven’t done this before, it is really easy. Just head over to a hardware or home improvement store and pick up window insulation kit. Once it warms up in the spring you can just peel off the insulation and open your windows again.