America Recycles Day- What is it all about?

By Brittney Whipple

What is America Recycles Day?

On Saturday, November 3rd, Keep Blount Beautiful (KBB) will be hosting its annual America Recycles Day collection with the help of many different partnering organizations. This drive-through event, located at First Baptist Maryville (202 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy) will provide Blount County residents the opportunity to conveniently drop off many hard-to-recycle items so they can be disposed of properly.

America Recycles Day is a Keep America Beautiful Initiative to promote and celebrate recycling in the United States. Each November, affiliates all over the county host events to encourage and increase recycling. Keep Blount Beautiful likes to celebrate America Recycles Day by partnering with organizations that recycle or reuse nontraditional items to provide a convenient way for residents to clean out their home and get rid of these items responsibly.  

So, what’s being collected?

E-Cycle of Knoxville has been a dedicated sponsor in both KBB’s America Recycles Day collection as well as its Earth Day Recycling collection in the Spring. They collect many items including TVs, monitors, cell phones, home electronics, small appliances, and computers at our events. Responsibly disposing of electronics is important to the health of our planet because they contain many hazardous materials that can leach into our ground, impacting our food and water supply. When they are disposed of correctly, the different parts of the electronic, including plastic, glass, and metal (such as copper, tin, aluminum, and gold!), can be separated and recycled, and many parts can be reused in new electronic products. Learn more about E-Cycle of Knoxville.

KBB also likes to provide the opportunity to dispose of secure documents that contain personal information and therefore are not safe to simply throw in your regular recycling bin. This year, Spectra Recycling will provide secure bins to collect secure documents. These documents will be safely and securely transferred to their facility and then shredded to be made into new items, such as toilet paper.

KARM has also been a dedicated participant in both of KBB’s annual recycling events. They provide large bins for residents to drop off clothes and shoes that are still in good condition for others to use. Donating clothes that are still in good condition is a great way to reuse rather than throw away.

My Frugal Home regularly participates with KBB’s annual recycling events as well. They collect an array of items that they can reuse for different purposes. This year, they will be collecting chandeliers, fabric, hardcover Reader’s Digests, lighting globes and sconces, used candles, and coffee mugs. If you have any of these items, they do not have to take up space in the landfill; the creative minds that make up My Frugal Home will put them to good use. Learn more about My Frugal Home.

The Blount County Fire Department will be collecting children’s coats that are in good condition. These coats are for their Coats for our Community program to support those in need of coats this fall and winter season. This is another great example of extending the life of an item by reusing it. Learn more about Coats for our Community.

The Lions Club of Maryville will be collecting eyeglasses to redistribute around the world. If you no longer need your eyeglasses, someone else might! Learn more about Lions Club eyeglass recycling.

Year round, KBB is dedicated to keeping residents up to date on recycling information in our county. For reference on where many recyclable and hazardous items can be disposed of, please visit our website

Information on Household Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Information on Recycling in Blount County.