Why Do People Volunteer?

By Brittney Whipple


Like most nonprofit organizations, Keep Blount Beautiful (KBB) relies on volunteers to achieve its mission. Although volunteering is often seen as all giving and no getting, we know that is not true; When volunteering your time to an organization you will always get something in return. There are many different reasons why people volunteer, and they all get the work done.

To give back to their community

Volunteering your time is an excellent way to connect with your community. Here in Blount County, we have many organizations that work towards many different causes, and they all need volunteers. If you or any of your family/friends have benefited from an organization’s efforts or appreciate what they do, volunteering may be your chance to give back!

To support a mission they truly believe in

When people learn about an organization with a mission that aligns with their personal values, it makes them want to be a part of the action. Often times, monetary donations are not possible for many people, so they choose to give their time instead. The good news is, donating time rather than money is just as valuable, if not more.

Do you believe in a clean, green, and beautiful Blount County? Volunteering with KBB is a great way to take action and show your support!

To develop new skills and gain experience

Volunteering could be the perfect chance to develop a new skill, learn more about a new topic, and gain experience serving the community.

Volunteering will give you a whole new perspective on the world around you. For instance, volunteers that participate in our litter pickup events are often shocked at some of the things they find littering our community and realize it is a real problem.

Volunteers can feel free to ask KBB staff about topics such as litter or waste reduction at our events, as we love sharing information with the community. At KBB, our goals are not to only clean up an area in Blount County or provide recycling opportunities, but to open our volunteers’ eyes and encourage them to share what they have learned with others.

Don’t be humble! Significant time spent volunteering keeps your resume fresh and looks impressive to potential employers. Employers like to meet candidates that have connections with different organizations and have gained hands-on, real world experience.

To meet new people or bond with family and friends
Volunteering is a great way to meet other people with similar interests as you. When like-minded individuals come together, they will achieve a goal as a team and develop relationships.

Volunteering is also a great bonding activity for your family and friends- and it’s free! We love seeing families and children at our events because it means younger residents are being educated on environmental topics and the importance of volunteering.

To keep busy

Volunteering is a great use of your free time, especially when you are trying to become more active in the community.  If you are not able to make an event but still want to use your free time volunteering with us, we can help you organize your own cleanup and lend you supplies- just ask!

To earn community service hours

There is nothing wrong with this! The need to earn community service hours gives you the opportunity to find and learn about organizations in your area that align with things you care about. Who knows, maybe you will learn something new, meet a friend, gain a new skill or interest, and have a good time!

If you would like information on volunteering with KBB, you can view the upcoming events and programs listed on our website. You can also contact our office at 865-681-4809 or keepblount@gmail.com.

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