Old electronics? Don't throw them away!

By Mason Denman

As technology continues to advance, new models of tv’s, cell phones, and computers come out every year. For the majority of people, everyone wants the newest model, with the newest gadgets and features. That old computer is now probably useless to you as you open your sleek new laptop, but what should you do with the outdated technology?

Instead of throwing your unwanted technology in the trash, which puts toxic waste in landfills that can affect the local environment and community, consider electronic recycling. Recycling your old computer can have numerous benefits such as conserving natural resources, supporting your local community and can even help create jobs! When a computer is recycled, it reduces the need to create new materials for new products. Parts off of older models can oftentimes be reused such as plastic and glass, thus reducing the amount of plastic and glass needed to create new computers. Recycling your old computer means it can be refurbished and given to those in the community who might not have the financial means to acquire new computers. Schools, low income families, students, libraries and charitable organizations could utilize and benefit greatly from these donated computers. Just by changing how you dispose of your old computer, you can help provide technology to those in need in your community! Lastly, electronic recycling can help create jobs. When electronics are recycled and cannot be refurbished or reused, they are sent to a local electronics recycling plants to be processed. The more people in the community recycle their old computers and electronics, the more people needed to operate the recycling plant, creating jobs.

For those old computers and electronics sitting around at your house, consider recycling them. By doing so, you’ll benefit the environment, your community, and leave you feeling good knowing you’re doing your part to make a difference in your environment and community!