The BRAVO! Awards praise local businesses, organizations, and public property for their landscaping and beautification efforts. 

Keep Blount Beautiful also recognizes properties that have creatively re-used/re-designed an existing building and the sustainable stewardship of properties in Blount County. 

Keep Blount Beautiful is now accepting nominations for the BRAVO! Awards. Anyone can nominate a property using the form below for any of the following three categories:

Award Categories

BRAVO! Beautification

This award is given to properties for their landscaping and beautification efforts. The landscaping must be mature and add improvement to the site. 


This award is for a property that has creatively reused or redesigned an existing building.   The remodel must be complete. 

Dee Lidvall Sustainable Stewardship Award

This award is given to a business or organization that incorporates sustainable business practices or policies; renewable, sustainable, or energy-efficient spaces; and/or stormwater management practices.

Private residences are not considered for this award. Nominations are due May 8th, 2019.

Keep Blount Beautiful will announce the winners of the beautification awards at the 2019 BRAVO! Awards Luncheon. 

Complete the following form to nominate a property.

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