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Trash Fashion Show and Competition

September 14, 2013


The Palace Theater

113 West Broadway Avenue



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Recycled Elegance

Trash Fashion Show

Keep Blount Beautiful’s (KBB) event mission is to engage the community to create fashion out of trash in order to entertain, educate and inspire others to rethink, reuse and recycle.

Our show seeks to present our society’s trash in the form of a fashion show, and through this artful expression, we hope to change the way our community sees the world of trash and waste.


Who May Enter:  Entries may be by an individual or a group of designers.  Note: Each team must have at least one adult member to represent the team in the fashion show.


Where/When:  The Palace Theater

                    September 14, 2013

                    7 p.m.


Entry Fee: $50 per design entry, due at time of entry

               Designers can solicit sponsors or work in teams

               Includes 2 tickets for the event (model and designer)


Deadline for Entry: August 16, 2013 (limited availability, accepting 20 applicants)

Judging Criteria: Creativity, Originality, Environmental Message, Choice of materials, Craftsmanship

Prizes: 1st Place         $500 prize for Best in Show,

2nd Place          $100 cash prize

3rd Place          $50 cash prize

Honorable Mention - awarded to the designer or team of designers as chosen by a vote of audience

favorite by “voting with bucks”.  The outfit with the most bucks wins KBB Framed Artwork.


Mandatory Attendance: Designers and models

          Dress Rehearsal - TBD, Palace Theater

          Fashion Show -  September 14 - Arrive no later than 6:00pm

Submission Guidelines:


KBB strives to present the highest quality and most imaginative designs possible. Designs should be thought-provoking, offer social commentary, and make a statement about reducing waste or recycling. 

Design drawings, photos, or finished garments must be presented along with your application to be considered for approval.  Designs should be finished at least two weeks prior to the event to be reviewed by the event committee for final approval.  KBB holds final authority in accepting or declining any design for the show.


Material used in the construction of garments MUST be post-consumer, post-industrial, or post-agricultural waste.  Trash destined for the landfill is preferred.  Designers may use materials for construction such as glue, tape, dyes, marker, staples, thread, zippers, elastic, wire, Velcro boning, buckram, grommets, laces, starch, paint, etc.  Recycled content fabric may only be used as a lining that doesn’t show.  The percentage of new material should not exceed 10% of total garment weight.  Underwear that does not show is acceptable under the garment.  Shoes and accessories are acceptable; however shoes and accessories made from trash materials are preferred.

Garment materials which are not acceptable include:  reconstructed or reused clothing, plastic sheeting, garbage bags or bubble wrap which have not been previously used at least once, any materials that have not been previously used or thrown away.

Purchased materials used in the fabrication of your garment must not exceed $100.  


Good workmanship is encouraged.  Garments must be constructed well enough to fit the model and hold together for (at least) the final design review meeting, dress rehearsal, and fashion show.  Designs should be repairable at the show in emergency situations.  Designs must be suitable for a conservative audience to appreciate.  Keep in mind the theme of the show being Recycled Elegance.  The KBB event committee holds final authority in accepting or declining any garment for the show.


Designers must make a wearable garment that is fit to your model.  Your model must be able to walk the runway in your design and put on a show for the audience- remember this is a fashion show and a competition!  A designer can model their own garment if they choose.  Designers can designate a model of their choice.  All models must be in attendance for the dress rehearsal, and fashion show event.  KBB encourages the use of models of all shapes, sizes, ages, male or female. 


Each garment should have a title, by-line, and a short description about the design that makes a statement.  Social commentary, source of inspiration, and use of humor can be helpful in the telling of your story.  Please include a mention of the trash materials used.  Length and content of description used in the runway show will be decided by the KBB event committee.  Your design story must be submitted at the final design review meeting.


Click below to download forms: