The BRAVO! Awards praise local businesses and organizations for their landscaping and beautification efforts. Attractive businesses reflect a positive image to Blount County citizens and visitors. 

Keep Blount Beautiful also recognizes local businesses and ORGANIZATIONS that have creatively re-used/re-designed an existing building and SUSTAINABLE STEWARDSHIP of a landscape and building in Blount COUNTY. 

Award Categories

BRAVO! Beautification

This award is given to a local business or organization for their landscaping and beautification efforts. The landscaping must be mature and add improvement to the site. 


This award is for a business or organization that has creatively reused or redesigned existing building. Building must have been remolded inside and outside.  The remodel must be complete. 

Dee Lidvall Sustainable Stewardship Award

This award is given to a previous BRAVO! Beautification Award recipient, who won 10 years ago or more, that has beautifully maintained their landscape, incorporated native plants and has added new elements to the landscape. 

2017 BRAVO! Award Winners

First Tennessee Bank (1820 West Broadway, Maryville, TN)

Mountain Challenge/ Crawford House at Maryville College

Razberries Chic Boutique

Ripley PR

RIO Revolution

Town Of Louisville Flag Court

Townsend Visitors Center