The Importance of Environmental Education

By Rachel Grubbe

Environmental Education is more than teaching kids about recycling. It encourages students to explore and think about the natural world around them.  Students learn about issues impacting the environment, and can think about how change is made.

Environmental Education is especially important for children. It is necessary for kids to understand the basics when is comes to the environment, so they can have a healthier childhood, and lead a more sustainable life as they get older.

American children do not spend nearly enough time outside. The National Recreation and Parks association found that kids today only spend four to seven minutes participating in unreconstructed outdoor play time per day. While kids spend seven and a half hours using electronic media during the day. How are children going to learn the importance of environmental education without experiencing it?

What can we do to increase the prevalence of Environmental Education?

What was KBB doing to support Environmental Education last month?

  • KBB spent a Wednesday morning at Rockford Elementary teaching the 3rd grade class about storm water
  • We could be found at Montvale Kindergarten helping the students learn about litter, because it's never too early!
  • KBB was at Friday Night Lights with environmental trivia (and temporary tattoos) for the kids!