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Newspaper and Magazines

Do not bag or bind papers.

Labeled bins at recycling drop-off centers.

Junk Mail, White Office Paper and Telephone Books

No tape, paperclips or string; staples are o.k.

Clean, Dry

Recycling drop-off centers

Aluminum Cans

Rinse thoroughly; no need to crush.

Recycling drop-off centers. Spectra Recycling Center pays for cans, call 982-2995 for price.

Glass Food Containers

Rinse; remove lids; no need to remove labels.

Recycling drop-off centers.

Plastic Soda and Milk Jugs

Rinse; remove lids.

Recycling drop-off centers.

Steel Food Cans

Rinse thoroughly.

Spectra Recycling Center.


Remove rims.

Alcoa-Maryville-Blount County Landfill.  No charge for tire disposal.

Christmas Trees

Remove lights and any ornament hangers.

First Saturday in January.  Call 681-4809 for location.

Hazardous Household Wastes

In closed containers.

Call for date and location.

Corrugated Cardboard

Flattened; no wire or strings attached.

Spectra Recycling Center, Alcoa-Maryville-Blount County Landfill, and City of Alcoa Recycling Center

Auto Batteries

Cap tightly to avoid spills.

City of Maryville Operations Center; local battery retailers.

Used Motor Oil

Deliver in closed containers.

City of Maryville Operations Center, City of Alcoa Garage, Alcoa-Maryville-Blount County Landfill and local auto service centers.